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Ulrich W. Hanke

The author of the blog ‘Hankes Börsen-Bibliothek’ is the editor of the prestigious journal 
’Wirtschafts Woche’. The financial expert was previously working for ‘Stocks’, the Swiss investment magazine, while doing his university degree in business administration for a fund company named Union Investment. His specialization lies in investment strategies and resources.

Lothar Lochmaier

Lothar Lochmaier is a freelance journalist in Berlin, with specialization in economics. As part of his profession, he looks after energy issues, information technology and IT security. Besides, scrutinizing the smallest details pertaining to the banking and financial world is also part of his activities. On a private note, he prefers it clean and easy. His blog: www.the-bank-are-wir.de.

Torsten Israel

Torsten Israel is born in 1964 in Heidenheim/Brenz. He studied business administration. He is married with two children. He lived in Ethiopia from 1999 to 2007, and was also involved in a school project for the poorest children of the region. He is back in Germany since 2007 and works as a freelance consultant.

Susanne Heinrichs

Susanne Heinrichs studied Mathematics and German in Cologne. She then worked as Financial Counsellor, as well as in the International Capital Management sector. However, she never lost her passion for writing and works as a part time journalist.

Martin Henking

Ethnologist and translator, blogger and author, Martin Henking looks after antique ethnology since the nineties. He did his Master thesis on Tacitus in 1999 at the University of Göttingen. He studied Ethnology at the University of Göttingen and Barcelona. December 2011, publication of his first work, the updated version of the thesis.

Stefan Pfeiffer

Stefan Pfeiffer works for IBM and is responsible for the marketing of IBM’s Collaboration tools. He is also an active blogger and social media expert and this helps him in applying his passion for writing. His professional roots are in journalism and in the study of history.

Hermann Fuchs

Hermann Fuchs was Head of Controlling in an industrial and trading company. He was also the CEO of BBRZ Group. Since 1997 is is the Managing Director of TEMA-Unternehmensberatungs GmbH.

Erich Kaltenböck

Erich Kaltenböck was Global IT Manager of the business Group DSM Fine Chemicals. He is since 2008 a Senior Consultant of TEMA-Unternehmensberatungs GmbH.

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