Life in Ireland

Life in Ireland

Short stories by a family of immigrants

Bloggingbooks ( 2014-03-21 )

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As a family of immigrants from Russia, residing in Ireland since 2002 we share our impressions about life in this country in our blog “Life in Ireland”. We like to travel very much, discover things unknown to us, and find out something new about things already known. The stories we tell about the interesting places one can visit in Ireland may help you decide on what landmarks to visit on your trip, if reading this book has compelled you to visit Ireland. In this book you will also find information regarding the process of obtaining an Irish visa, and if visiting Ireland has made you want to live in this country, there is also information on how to become a citizen of Ireland. In conclusion, we would just like to say that this book is for everyone interested in finding out more about this amazing country, visiting it to experience the magic of its sights and museums, those interested in getting an education here and those who would like to make Ireland their home. This book was translated from Russian by Natalia Kalinina and Dmitry Vysotskiy.

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Vladimir Vysotskiy

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