Paul The Antichrist

Paul The Antichrist

and the Invention of 'Christianity'

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Paul the Antichrist? When a Christian hears this statement they will immediately respond: “Who in their right mind could ever think such a terrible thing of St. Paul?” Through our history many have questioned the writings of ‘St. Paul’ and questioned his authority to speak for Jesus, seeing how he never met him or heard him teach. What distinguishes Jesus’ teaching is that he taught and practiced the Jewish Torah and taught his disciples about a ‘narrow road and a narrow gate that very few would find in order to have eternal life’, by denying themselves and taking up their cross and following him. In contrast Paul taught his Gentile disciples that the Torah was abolished by Jesus and that ‘broad was the road and wide was the gate that led to salvation’ and many would enter and be saved by following him [Paul]. We are confronted here with two distinct gospels: one that the apostles of Jesus received directly from him and another ‘new gospel’ that Paul claims to have received by a private revelation from Jesus himself; one, the ‘gospel of grace’ which today many people believe and many follow, and the other, the ‘gospel of the kingdom’ which very few have received and have followed.

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