An Inspirational Book Full of Wisdom

An Inspirational Book Full of Wisdom

An Inspirational Book Full of Wisdom is indeed one of a kind book.Full of information,knowledge and skills to survive

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An Inspirational Book Full of Wisdom is written to inspire a lot of people to live life to the fullest.It serves as a guide on how to adjust and mingle with other people.Each and everyone of us is a unique individual.We are different from each other.Respect on one's individuality is a must.It is based on real experiences in life on how to become a person of character.The book consists of the following topics under the sun.The readers will be enlightened about the real essence of life. *It is how you handle the situation... *A responsible spank will not harm the child. *Dealing with teenagers!!!!How? *Parents are the best teachers,Aren't they? *Would you be willing to give up everything for a friend?Even your life? *How much are you worth? *How would you point out a flaw to someone you know without hurting his/her ego? *Would you allow yourself to lose identity for the sake of a relationship? *Is piracy a menace or a benefit to the society? *United we stand,Divided we fall *Which one is a better teacher,experience in life or teaching in school? *What are the important qualities of a good leader? *Are you experiencing Vertigo?Worry no more! *Human resource management assessment

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Life-counseling, Daily routine